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The following story is not about me. It is about the nonhuman primate above. His name is Kubi (Mkubwa) who lived at the San Franciso Zoo. His dad’s name was Bwana. Bwana fathered and mothered Kubi because his mother died when he was very young. His playmate when he was a juvenille was his half brother Sunshine. Even though Kubi is famous now because he was the first gorilla to have an operation removing one of his lungs, he has a famous older sister named Koko who is well known for her sign language. Kubi had chronic bronchitis. He was 29 years old when he died. I miss you Kubi.

I studied and photographed Kubi’s play behavior with his half brother, Sunshine, for about five years off and on. There is a story written about Kubi in Zoo Biology by Betty Goerke. Kubi got away with many play behaviors not only with Sunshine but also with his Dad, the adult females, except for Sunshine’s Mom named Missy because she was very protective of Sunshine. Kubi was a wonderful ape primate to study because he was so playful.


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